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Welcome to the SHOW Cast & Crew Only Page.  This page will soon be password accessible only.   Cast & Crew, Please check back here frequently for updates, notes, roster, & schedule changes. 

      Please do not share the ID, Password, or Cast Info

with non Cast or Crew members

The reason we can post names, phone numbers, & schedule information on this page is because it's accessible only by password to parents, cast, and crew members of SHOW.  For safety reasons and to protect the privacy of all cast and crew members, please  -  do not give this information to anyone not specifically affiliated with the show - Thank you.


Hi Cast,

    Your Director, TBA, has the last word in all creative decisions as they reflect the vision he expressed to your Executive Producer, who is Merely Players.  My job (Beverly Hill van Joolen) as Artistic Director is to be on hand to support the Director and Artistic Staff to maintain the director's vision, the playwright's intent, and Merely Player's interests.  Michelle Harmon's job as Production Director is to take care of all the myriad rehearsal to rehearsal administrative details and issues such as scheduling, collecting forms, memberships, Bio's, orders for T-Shirt and DVD's and to handle any issues or concerns that might arise.  Please come to us at any time for questions or concerns.  Along with you, our fabulous cast, we are all on the same team, with a host of designers and techs, with the goal of producing a wildly successful show!  With that in mind, please note the following:


1)       *  Come to rehearsal at least 10 minutes early so you are settled in and ready to begin at call time.

2)        Come prepared to move and be warmed up vocally.

3)       *  When you have down time, do homework/office work, or read/work your lines, music, blocking or choreography.

4)       *   Do not talk in the theatre when others are rehearsing. 

5)       *   Study your lines/music/dance/blocking outside of rehearsal.

6)       *  Come prepared with Pencil, Script, Music, & Water Bottle; and don't forget to toss your focus in your bag, too!

7)    * If you have an unavoidable emergency or illness, or will be unavoidable late, call ???? ASAP.  Your absence or late arrival affects the entire cast!  You are all very important to the show, and while we understand illness and emergencies are unavoidable, it helps if the Director knows you will be missing as early as possible so he can rearrange the night's schedule as necessary.  We appreciate your cooperation. 

8)   *  All Cast Members, PLEASE SIGN-IN/OUT on the Roster Posted near the Rehearsal Room or THEATRE DOOR.  Parents, we ask that you escort in/out any cast member 12 years old and younger so you can sign them in/out.  Please leave the theatre in  PAIRS.  Do not wait outside for you your ride, wait in the foyer at the end of the stairs.   Safety is our number one concern.  Thank you.

9)    *  Please check the Website for Notes and Schedule Updates.


I look forward forward to meeting all of you and watching you all bring SHOW to life!   Cheers, Beverly






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