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Audition Requirements & procedure

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a.    Merely Players seeks to provide an all around theatre experience for our casts.  We believe actors become better at their craft by understanding the full production process.

b.    MP provides the scripts, sets, props, costumes, facility rental, and artistic staff.  We are also grateful to borrow set pieces, costumes, props, etc. 

c.    Actors will provide undergarments, make-up, shoes (unless a specialty item is required by Costumer), and a labeled laundry basket for dressing room to keep personal items and costume pieces in during run of show.   Actors may also be asked to bring in street clothing as needed such as white shirts, turtle necks, slacks, etc.

c.    Actors 13 and up will assist with load-in and strike.  Assignments will be made prior tech week. 

d.    Actors 13 and up will attend at least one set building/painting day.

e.    Parents/Guardians of actors 12 and under will volunteer on the production crew of their choice (sets, props, programs, concessions, etc), and will Wrangle (chaperone) at at least one rehearsal and one show.  

f.    Actors 12 and under must be signed in/out of each rehearsal and show by parent or guardian.

g.   Actors will be offered the option to purchase a Cast T-Shirt, Video, & Break-A-Legs and are encouraged to sell Program Ads to their local businesses to help offset Program Printing Costs.



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    Merely Players strives to instill a love of the theatre in all who participate in our productions. We encourage experienced actors as well as individuals with little or no theatrical experience to get involved.   We strive to ensure auditions are conducted in a fair and professional manner and that  the utmost respect is afforded to all who audition.
a.      Audition expectations will be made available on the website prior to Auditions.
b.      All Auditioners who are present in a timely manner will be afforded the opportunity to perform the basic audition.
c.      Merely Players prohibits pre-casting.
d.      Merely Players does not discriminate.

e.      Audition Board will consist of Director, Choreographer and Vocal or Band Director when show is a musical, plus others as requested by Director.  MP Artistic Director, or a qualified MP Board Member as designated by Artistic Director, will audit audition to guarantee MP Audition and Casting Policy is respected and as an advisor to Director as needed.  Final casting decisions are made by the Director in accordance with his/her vision as presented and approved by the Artistic Director.

g.        Merely Players’ goal is to use inter-generational scripts and casts whenever possible.  MP will cast age appropriately for adults, teens and children as noted in script.  Older teens will be considered for young adult parts when appropriate.

h.        Auditioners will be notified of casting status by phone, e-mail, or post card within 7 days of Call Backs.

i.         Only Auditioners, Audition Board, & MP Board members will be allowed in Audition Room.

j.         Anyone sitting on the Audition Board may not be considered for leading roles.



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